Mum, Friend, Colleague, Thinker & PMDD Warrior


Hello there!

My name is Sophie, I live in Bedfordshire and I was diagnosed with PMDD in April 2016.
Firstly, thank you for stopping by, secondly I’m sorry that you too are suffering with this b***h of a condition.

This blog is about my journey with PMDD, from misdiagnosis to finally receiving treatment, which is on-going.  My wish for this blog – To provide useful information and links, share my story and raise awareness of this still pretty unknown condition.  I am partial to the odd rant and often share a little bit too much information.

Make a cuppa, put your feet up and read on.
Sending hugs, Sophie x

I would LOVE to hear from you, please contact me at: Its_my_pmdd@outlook.com.