PMDD.. you will not win, together we will defeat you


April is PMDD awareness month. Having PMDD is like living with a ticking time bomb. Your life, at times, is not your own. You lose control. You behave in a way so vastly in contrast to who you are. You lose yourself.

It’s frankly absolutely terrifying. You feel like you are failing your friends, family and all of those around you. I sometimes feel so detached, trapped in a deep, dark hole watching life pass by, just hoping that  the internal battle will stop.

PMDD is god awful, it affects your mind, your confidence and don’t get me started on the guilt – it eats you alive!  The destruction that PMDD brings haunts you during your good weeks.

However, one huge positive of PMDD is the kindness and the unity  between women experiencing the very same. The solidarity and relentless support is so breathtaking and incredibly humbling. We are all here fighting for a correct diagnosis and treatment, all fighting to be understood.  We are spreading the word, sharing our knowledge and trying to make it easier for younger generations to get the help and support they need.

We are strong, we are awesome and we are fearless.

PMDD.. you will not win, together we will defeat you.

As always,

Love & hugs ❤️ xx


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