PMDD – Poisonous Monthly Day Destroyer


Holy sh*tballs…..I am going to have a rant so I will apologise now but WTF?!

I HATE my body right now, I actually detest it and I just want to trade it in for a newer, slimline, stretch mark free model, with pert boobs and a lovely attitude – my resting bitch face replaced with a happy, smiley face.

I am angry. Angry actually doesn’t even cover it, I am absolutely f**king furious. I am sick of PMDD taking countless days away from me!  Give them back….did I give you permission to take over my body and rob me of precious days?! NO I DIDN’T!!!
PMDD – you are cruel and you are a thief. What gives you the right to make me feel rougher than a badgers arse month in month out? How dare you rear your ugly head as soon as I start to feel better.

I just want to punch you in the vagina. Hard. 👊🏻

Now someone pass me my mindfulness book, chocolate and a LARGE glass of wine. Urghhhhh! Xx


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